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Where older people fit into churches embracing all things digital...

Updated: May 6, 2021

A thoughtful article from Carl Knightly, Chief Executive of Faith in Later Life, reminds us that not everyone has internet access. Some older people are disadvantaged as churches discover the benefits of reaching some sectors online.

Knightly is writing on the Evangelical Alliance website arguing that as we emerge from lockdown, 'we need to ensure we emerge together, as a whole society, across all demographics, and of course, in our church communities, as a whole body of believers.'

He reminds us that 'older people are not a homogenous group and, like so many of us, there will be some who are itching to return to in-person church. But those who are anxious or fearful need to know that they are still a crucial part of the church family. So, let’s make every effort to stay in touch with older people in our communities, reassure them that they are loved and valued, and ensure we are doing all we can to provide a space for them if or when they return to our buildings.'

The Christian charity Faith in Later Life is seeking to reach, serve and empower older people everywhere- against a backdrop of loneliness and isolation.

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