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Window face masks

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Face masks are not at all helpful when it comes to communication for those who are hard of hearing.

A contributor to a conference call today (28 July 2020) from the charity Christians on Ageing on loneliness and social isolation mentioned face masks with windows as a boon for lip readers and when visiting people living with dementia.

We're all missing out on facial expressions now that we're wearing face masks in many more situations – when shopping, travelling on public transport and visiting hospitals, for example.

Make one?

In order to see facial expressions better, we might try face masks that have a clear plastic window or which cover part of the face while also allowing one to see someone's mouth and nose, These videos show how to make such masks at home.

  • Fabric and clear plastic vinyl are the components for making this style from scratch.

  • Another DIY reusable face mask with a clear window comes from Maison Zizou.

  • A German video with a step-by-step guide set to music has all instructions written in English for making another of a similar style.

Buy one?

But if you can't make one and want to buy one instead, there are various styles available online.

  • This one was devised for motorcyclists, but might work equally well for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

  • A half face mask showing nose and mouth with only a small fabric chin-covering is on the market.

Face shield

In a similar vein, for those who would like their own face shield, a hospital staff member shows here how one can be made out of an acetate sheet, a foam cushion and an elastic band.



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