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'A voice for older people' - both in the church and wider community

Erica Roberts - City Chaplain for Older People

Revd Dr Canon Erica Roberts has spoken out about Gaza and the heavy price paid by 'the vulnerable, the very old and very young' as she said how 'we are all appalled at the pictures emerging from this conflict.'

Writing in this week's Winchester Diocesan newsletter Erica, a longtime member of the Anna Chaplaincy network as Southampton's City Chaplain for Older People, quotes from Psalm 68:

“Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation."

(Psalm 68:5)

Erica had been due to be co-leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land at this time before plans obviously changed.

She also paid tribute to Debbie Thrower as she is about to retire.

'Returning from the national Anna Chaplaincy Gathering ' said Erica, 'reminded me about the important role we have as Anna Chaplains to be a voice for the older person, both within the church and in the wider community.'

Debbie Thrower, Pioneer of Anna Chaplaincy for Older People
'Debbie Thrower, the Pioneer of Anna Chaplaincy, which started in our Diocese in Alton is about to retire from leading this network and I want to give thanks for her and celebrate here all that she has given to this important ministry. We are delighted that Debbie will continue to be an advocate for Anna Chaplaincy as Vice-President for BRF Ministries.'

You may read Erica's full letter here. She is the founder of Southampton charity Caraway which has a growing team of Anna Chaplains.




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