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Age to Age - new resource

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

New from the Salvation Army is this study guide for groups wanting to delve deeper in to the way we age and how God's view of age differs, so often, from our own. Far from regarding ourselves as in any way diminished by older, Age to Age: Thirty discipleship conversations for those journeying through their later years sees this period of our lives in a highly positive light.

'Age to Age reinforces the truths found in scripture that relationships are an indispensable means of spiritual growth, discipleship and central to our Christian lives,' writes commissioner Anthony Cotterill, Territorial Commander of the Salvation Army, UK and Ireland.

Home groups

There are sections on identity, 'who am I – really?', on growing old gracefully, trust and forgiveness. Designed to be used by groups as well as individually, it would make a rewarding Lent book series for use by home groups.

It has been written using the experiences and commentaries of older people themselves. 'Age to Age does not just refer to the age of the people it is intended for. It is about recognising the faithfulness of God to his people throughout the ages,' explains the Introduction.

To order your copy use this form.

The Salvation Army serves this age group, particularly, through Older People's Ministries Teams based at seven service centres across the UK. If you'd like more information about other resources and services, contact



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