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BBC’s Sunday Worship focuses on older people

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Coming from Holy Trinity Claygate, Surrey, the service from 21 May focuses on ‘Seniors ministry’. It is available to listen to on BBC Sounds.

Pippa Cramer, pastoral care and seniors minister, and her husband, Steve, have developed a series ‘Hymns Alive’ which helps to bring much-loved hymns to life through the stories behind their composition.

Hymns are embedded in the memories of those who were taught them as children and we will hear from some elders in the congregation on what particular hymns mean to them today. Steve Cramer, explores the mymn, ‘My song is love unknown’ looking at its ability to take deep truths and encapsulate them in just a few simple words.

Here’s part of what Pippa has to say during the BBC service which will resonate with everyone who has a heart for older people and especially those Anna Chaplains and Anna Friends giving so much of their time to visit and support people in later life and, of course, those who are caring for a loved one who is failing in health:

‘We are all getting older and we’re all living longer… the longer we live, the wiser we become and greater the positive impact we can have on those around us and in society. Sadly though, there seems to be a common belief, that as we do grow older, we become less useful; that this world is somehow, only made for the young. As such, we so often see older people overlooked and marginalised.

‘This breaks my heart. We have SO much to learn from our elders, all of whom have enormous amounts of life experience and wisdom, and all of whom deserve our respect, our love and care…

‘I LONG for the profile of this incredible generation to be raised… and for older people to be valued and respected as they deserve – in our families, our communities, our churches and in society generally.’

‘Some of our greatest biblical heroes all went on some of their greatest adventures at a time when most of us today would be settling into retirement. When we live our lives for God, our journey and our purpose certainly do not end here… he longs to use us at ANY age, and at ANY stage!

‘I KNOW that God has such a special place in His heart for those who are older, and I hope and pray that this would increasingly be the case within our hearts too. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our society began to stand up for the injustice of ageism? It might sound like a tall order, but perhaps in fact it all just starts with us as individuals. Looking out for the one, loving and caring for the elderly neighbour who no one visits, and ultimately welcoming the older generation more into our communities and churches. Who knows, by doing so, we might learn things about this life that would benefit us in ways that we would never have thought possible.’



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