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Children catching the mood of spring

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

New Anna Chaplain Sue Yeo has been putting together a service for Mothering Sunday celebrating the coming of spring. 'I thought it would be a lovely idea to invite local primary school children to produce artwork, poems, etc. as we recorded this service about spring – a time of hope,' she said. Their work has accompanied the DVDs being sent to care homes in her local Maidstone area, in Kent.

'I thought it would be nice to be able to display their work in the homes, and bring some of the outside world in. I am sure many of the lady residents would be mothers and grandmothers. Also, the service reflecting on spring as a time of hope would help to include the men who reside there.'

Sue invited Esther Barford, a member of St Martins Church, their school liaison person, if she thought the local school children would like to help. Esther happily passed on the request, and was so pleased when the teachers at the local schools said they were delighted to have a project to give the children. 'And the children really rose to the occasion,' said Sue.

'We had enough artwork to send a few items to each of the homes that we sent the DVD to, plus a copy of all the poems written by the children. Some of the children have a grandparent in a nursing or residential home, and I am sure being able to express their emotions in their poetry was important to them.'

Esther herself wrote a poem entitled, 'Silent Night – a reflection in 2021'. 'I think you will agree' says Sue, 'that it resonates with us all deeply, as it will resonate with those in homes and the staff.'

'Silent Night – a reflection in 2021'

Silent night, Holy night,

We sang or heard the carol.

Can we find a silent night?

Can we find a holy night?

Can we find it here today?

The silence of the night,

For people on their own,

With no hand to hold,

No smiling face to see,

Is such a lonely place.

Isolated people,

Fearful of the silence,

Hidden in the darkness,

Needing a warm embrace:

May God’s love break through

The silence of the night.

Some nights are not so silent:

For bombs disturb the silence;

And people cry for help.

Some nights are not so silent:

For the homeless refugee,

The hungry child, the crying baby.

Some nights are not so silent:

For First Responders,

Nurses, doctors, those in ICU.

May God’s love break through

The worries of the night.

Every night is a Holy night

For God of Heaven and Earth,

As the Spirit moves among us,

Touching people’s lives,

Speaking through noise or silence.

Every night can be a Holy night

For those with faith in God,

Who hears our every prayer

And knows the pain we feel;

Who can bring a healing touch.

May God’s love break through

And enter hearts tonight.

Esther Barford

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