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Church leaders: 'We must not be asked to suspend Christian worship again'

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

For news of an open letter which some church leaders have written to the Prime Minister, and other political leaders, visit the website of Christians on Ageing .

Churches are not part of the hospitality industry, the charity declares, explaining how 'hundreds of church leaders have written to the political leaders of the UK nations seeking assurance that churches will not be closed again as part of any new lockdown'.

'The Church Times reports that an open letter has been sent outlining deep concern on what closure of churches could mean for vulnerable people and all those who find comfort and spiritual healing in common prayer and worship. The letter says: "The supportive relationships that churches nurture between people are vital, and simply cannot be dispensed with again without significant harm."

'Christians on Ageing shares this concern, especially for the well-being of older people, arguing that "the churches have made fantastic efforts to comply with official guidance on providing safe places for public prayer, and congregations are known for their willingness to abide by instructions; these must be taken into account in deciding any further emergency measures."'

The Church Times report and the open letter may be viewed online.



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