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Daily Hope - 'Sleep well'

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Daily Hope free phone line 0800 804 8044

The organisers of the telephone helpline Daily Hope have expanded the range of what's on offer. Pippa Cramer says:


This latest lockdown has further exacerbated the loneliness and isolation of so many older people and we are desperately trying to reach out to support them through the Daily Hope at this difficult time.

In addition to Hymns we Love and prayers, the line also offers 'Chair Exercises on the Phone', which are vital but gentle exercises, to help with circulation and fitness for this most isolated section of our community.

Also on 1 February we launched 'Sleep well with the Daily Hope'. So many people of all ages, but especially the elderly, are struggling to sleep at this worrying and unsettling time – sleep researchers are now calling this 'Covid-somnia!' To help with this, we have launched a series of gentle and relaxing reflections using wonderful Bible verses for our callers to listen to on the phone while they're in bed. So many (over 2.5 million) elderly ones are not connected to the internet so are not able to access any online support.

Daily Hope has been a wonderful success so far – we've received over 350,000 calls which represent 5 million minutes of call time – but there are still so many older, vulnerable people who have not yet heard about the Daily Hope and would really benefit from what it offers. Please continue to share the Daily Hope with older friends, neighbours and relatives, and do tell them about the new Sleep Well content and try it for yourself (disrupted sleep at this time is affecting all of us, whatever age we are).



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