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Dementia 'good reads'

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Some of the most prominent names in relation to dementia and spiritual care have contributed to a new book, God in Fragments: Worshipping with those living with dementia (Church House Publishing, 2020). They include Joanna Collicutt, Robert Atwell, Sam Wells and our own Anna Chaplaincy Lead in Kent, Julia Burton-Jones, among a number of others.

Bromley St Mary's Anna Chaplain, Keith Nye, who was commissioned in September 2018, has reviewed it for us:.

'I think that this book is long overdue. Our gold standard text in a single volume has been John Swinton's wonderful Dementia: Living in the memories of God (SCM Press, 2017). Fragments of God covers very much the same ground, has a wealth of references, many that are new to me despite my 40 books around the subject.

'Liturgy, theology, spirituality, psychology, chaplaincy – covered by six authorities in their field, completed by a super afterword that one who had witnessed a Sam Wells sermon at London's St Martin in the Field's would expect.

'All this within 140 information-packed pages. What a great asset this portable text would be to an ordinand or Licensed Lay Minister (LLM) in training.'



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