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Distanced Messy Vintage a success

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

The Anna Chaplaincy team has helped a church in Andover, Hampshire, worship virtually in a Messy Vintage way.

'Lockdown crosses – Jesus, the way the truth and the life' was the theme chosen for Knights Enham's Sunday service, reaching the congregations of St Paul's and St Michael's and beyond.

Messy Vintage Lead Jill Phipps and network member Erica Roberts helped the local team devise what was their first attempt at an online Messy Vintage service. Erica said it had been 'so lovely – it came across really well. Thanks for including me in the service – precious!'

The vicar, Lee Davies, introduced the service, which was then led by Colin Parker. Colin had already piloted Messy Vintage last February. Until lockdown the parish was holding Messy Vintage afternoons monthly. You can watch their online service for 19 July 2020 here.

Here's Colin 's report of their first Messy Vintage at St Paul’s Church, Andover, back in February 2020.


Well, that’s it, it’s done! We have run Messy Vintage for the very first time. How did I feel before? Frankly? Very nervous! Would it work? Would people come? In the end it went really well. Including the team, 17 people attended. Admittedly mostly church members but also a few others.

What words describe the experience for me?

  • Fun

  • Relief

  • Joy

  • Cake

We met after to have lunch together and set up. To be honest, I think that we allowed more time for set-up than we really needed, but it was still good to spend time together before everyone arrived.

The craft We made TREES! And very fine they were too. There were some unique interpretations of the tree theme, that’s for sure.

The celebration Reflecting on what it means to be rooted and grounded in God, we pondered how this means keeping in step with what he is doing and not frittering away our lives on trivialities. And from this place of safety being a blessing and shelter to others. There was a discussion about our memories of trees, which gave me the excuse to show a home movie of me as a baby! The discussion ranged from stories of dens and adventures in orchards, the effects of pesticides to memories of living near banana trees and being able to just reach up and grab one when they were hungry. This was all intertwined with the singing of songs and the praying an almost accurate version of the Lord’s Prayer!

The tea! The afternoon tea, I think, speaks for itself. Sandwiches and homemade cake and scones with cream all served with Yorkshire tea. We scoured the local charity shops as well as our own lofts to bring together an eclectic collection of china cups and plates. It is definitely the case that tea tastes better in a china cup!

Colin Parker

0330 0010731



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