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Easy Guides – even simpler to download and share

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Flying off the stands at this summer’s events we’re attending are the Anna Chaplaincy Easy Guides. Conference delegates, for example, are snapping them up to share with their friends (writes Debbie Thrower). All compiled by Anna Chaplains or other experts in their fields with whom we work closely, these guides are invaluable to churches, care homes and community groups involved in the spiritual care of older people.

The best news is, they are absolutely free! We’ve distilled the wisdom on a host of complex topics down to just two sides of A4.

Why not spread the word, and ensure you and your colleagues don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you want to start a new initiative or train your pastoral visitors?

From now on they are even easier to download. There are ten free Anna Chaplaincy Easy Guides, which we have made even simpler to access. You can view, download or print the A4 guides from our website home page. They offer tips and ideas on a whole range of topics including:

  • Running a Holiday at Home

  • Undertaking a pastoral visit for a person in their own home

  • Praying with an older person

  • Being present with someone who is dying

  • Forging links with care homes

  • Enabling worship in care homes

And we’re adding new titles all the time to create a reference library of useful advice. Simply go to the Anna Chaplaincy website home page at and scroll down to the Easy Guides logo and link.




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