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Fostering interest in Anna Chaplaincy in Wales (and Sweden!)

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Anna Chaplains Mavis Martin and Revd Sally Rees at Margam Abbey's Llandaff Diocese's Ministries Fair

An opportunity to spread the good news of Anna Chaplaincy at the diocese of Llandaff's Ministries Fair in Margam Abbey, Port Talbot was seized by our church lead in Wales, Revd Sally Rees and fellow Anna Chaplain Mavis Martin.

Anna Chaplaincy was one of the many ministries, both lay and ordained, that those from Llandaff Diocese and the general public were able to discover more about at the Llandaff Diocesan Ministries Fair on May 14. Both Anna Chaplains spent all day talking about Anna Chaplaincy to those who came to the stall.

'Mavis actually knew several of those who came to our table, who were from Bridgend where she ministers in the community, from the Assemblies of God churches', said Sally.

'It was a wonderful sunny day bringing out crowds of people from local churches, and those further afield' Sally reports. 'There were even some clergy from Uppsala in Sweden who were there to renew their connection with Llandaff Diocese in a special service in Margam Abbey at the end of the day. In Sweden, there is a ministry called Silvia Deacons (named after Sweden's Queen Silvia) that carries out ministry with older people, which sounds rather similar to that of Anna Chaplains, with a focus on dementia.'

It was a great opportunity to talk with a variety of people from such a wide spectrum of ministries including church members, Mothers' Union members, diocesan officers, a tutor from St Padarns (the training arm of the Church in Wales) and others who were interested to learn about Anna Chaplaincy.

Sally says: 'We were able to give out literature about Anna Chaplaincy, and BRF's other ministries, to many people and some also took sample copies of BRF's Bible Reflections for Older People to use for themselves and to publicise it more widely. So it was a wonderful opportunity.'

Sally also had the opportunity to do a 10-minute talk in the Abbey about Anna Chaplaincy, which was attended by archdeacon venerable Mike Komer who took the time to come and listen to what Anna Chaplaincy is all about.

When asked for her feedback, Mavis said, 'I think, for me, it was the number of "local" opportunities which we were praying for which were followed through. Also, talking of Anna Chaplaincy to the Swedish representatives who specifically asked for the website details.'




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