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Guidance for 'Doorstep Pop Rounds'

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Brighton and Hove Anna Chaplains have trialled a concept they are calling ‘Doorstep Pop Rounds’. Emily Kenward, Anna Chaplain and founder of Time to Talk Befriending, has produced guidance (click here to read) which you may be interested in following if you'd like to try a similar approach in your area.

'This guidance has been produced because we had a lot of inquiries from volunteers who wanted to visit scheme members (from a distance),' said Emily. 'We wanted to make sure that if distanced visits did take place they were a) mutually agreeable, and b) safe to do so!'

She added, 'Public Health Brighton and Hove have confirmed that the guidance fits with the requirements for safety provided by the government, which I hope gives assurances about the recommendations. While the ‘pop rounds’ might not be suitable for everyone, for those who can (and mutually agree) to get together from a safe distance, this could be positive and beneficial. We have already seen positive results from those who participated in the small pilot.'



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