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Join us online to learn about our new resource: the Spiritual Care Series

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

People who piloted the Spiritual Care Series can't speak highly enough of the course. It's for pastoral visitors and all who want to learn how better to minister to older people whether in care homes or private homes.

'We thought it was wonderful. It was such an excellent course and we all agreed how helpful it had been. The other great thing about the course is that it's relevant to people in all denominations, all religions even, and people of no religion.' – Pam Nobbs, Anna Chaplaincy coordinator in the north east.

In July, we launched the Spiritual Care Series in the UK with a pilot for potential trainers and key users. Karen Laister, head of marketing, communications and strategic relationships at BRF said:

'This comprehensive training course, already available in Australia and Canada, is designed to equip people with the skills needed to provide quality spiritual care to older people in their local communities.'

A special Spiritual Care Series briefing is taking place next month online at 2.00 pm on 21 September 2022. John Swinton, chair in divinity and religious studies, professor of practical theology and pastoral care, University of Aberdeen, will be our keynote speaker.

John will talk about 'Spiritual care in older life: why is it so important and why churches play a key role in providing this care.' Debbie Thrower, Anna Chaplaincy pioneer, will host the event and there will be an opportunity to ask questions after the presentations.

Pam Nobbs has seen a number of people come forward to become Anna Chaplains after taking the course.

'It explored situations that all of us were likely to encounter at some point in our work with older people. Two things in particular made a strong impression on us, first, the power of storytelling, and second, how to be active listeners. The two are related. All of us, whether we're readers, pastoral visitors, normal church members, whatever we are, we need to consciously learn how to listen properly. To really hear somebody else's story is so powerful, for the person speaking and for the person listening. And, of course, for older people, it becomes even more relevant because they've got masses more story to tell. An older person has a lifetime of story.'

The Spiritual Care Series is an eight-session course and includes:

  • two facilitator guides and six participants' workbooks

  • access to an online learning platform and course videos

  • a DVD containing all the course videos

It offers a valuable and effective way for churches to invest in the well-being of older people in their community.

Join us from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm. Please RSVP using this link. If you cannot attend the briefing but would like more information about the Spiritual Care Series, please also complete this form. For any further information email:




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