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‘Loneliness’ guide – invaluable arguments for convincing churches to take action

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Many of the students who came to Cliff College at the weekend for an introductory course on ministry among older people wanted to take away facts and figures.

They needed, above all, convincing arguments with which to persuade their churches that it’s worth investing in older people’s ministry – and combatting loneliness.

Social isolation is the scourge of our times and made far worse by the pandemic. Books signposted to arm themselves with – and to place in the hands of their ministers in order to convince them of the value of this ministry in these changing times (demographically too) – included Loneliness in Older People: Guidance on how Christian faith organisations can support older people facing loneliness.

This A4-sized booklet contains lots of practical advice. It signposts organisations including BRF’s Anna Chaplaincy for Older People.

The Loneliness in Older People booklet is part of a series that includes other publications on Guidance for Christian faith organisations in the support and value of older people and Safeguarding for Adults: Guidance for Christian organisations.

Each of these guides will appeal to ministers short of time to absorb key facts. I defy anyone to look at these (writes Debbie Thrower) and not be inspired to take some simple steps in the direction of improving the lives of people hard-hit by the pandemic and in need of company. Anna Chaplains and other church pastoral teams can provide just that – with just a modest amount of encouragement themselves!

Each booklet is absolutely free to download in pdf form or can be bought by post for a few pounds to cover postage and packing. These guides could be your best allies if you are seeking to describe the benefits of Anna Chaplaincy in particular, to develop services generally and so boost pastoral care for all older people – irrespective of whether they have strong, little or no faith at all – where you live and worship.




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