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Messy Vintage boost in Church of England Newspaper

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The advantages of Messy Vintage are spelt out in a feature on p. 10 of the Church of England Newspaper (19 February 2021).

The article by one of our Messy Vintage team, Jill Phipps, extols the benefits for older people of worshipping in this lively, and craft-based way thanks to a new BRF book Messy Vintage: 52 sessions to share Christ-centred fun and fellowship with the older generation (BRF, 2021).

Jill tells the story of how Messy Vintage came in to being. It originated in Jersey. She also describes a typical session with the theme – God's Rainbow Promise – and all the prayers, music and craft activity explained clearly and simply, all with the aim of bringing comfort and hope to people.

God's promise in the rainbow



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