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Methodist Connexion focuses on Anna Chaplaincy with a webinar next week

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Look out for a free webinar on Tuesday 27 September at 7.30 pm, introducing Anna Chaplaincy to the wider Methodist Connexion. Both Debbie Thrower and Debbie Ducille from BRF's Anna Chaplaincy team will be speaking.

The webinar will include input from St Albans Anna Chaplain Maggie Dodd – the first full-time paid Anna Chaplain – who is based at Marlborough Road Methodist Church. Also, Revd Keith Underhill, who was behind the first Anna Chaplaincy in Alton, Hampshire is attending.

If you belong to the Methodist Church or have Methodist friends you think would benefit from joining us that evening, please do encourage them to come along!

Book your place here.




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