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  • Debbie Ducille

Prayers for carers and cared-for

Anna Chaplain Eileen Simmons responded to a request for writing a prayer for this year’s Methodist Prayer Handbook, with the theme ‘Praise and protest’. Eileen kindly sent us her contribution; it might be something to include in worship services or intercessions. Thank you, Eileen, and let’s hope your prayer is one of those selected for the Handbook.

Dear Lord, We pray for elderly, housebound individuals, who often are very lonely. We praise and thank you for their carers, who come into their homes and brighten their days by showing tenderness, kindness, and giving so much needed practical support. Make us more sensitive to the needs of both groups and move our hearts and minds to seek ways in which we may become involved. Increase our awareness of the conditions under which carers do their work; often earning so little for such a valuable contribution and help us seek social justice for them. Amen.




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