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Sights set on expanding team in Bath and Wells Diocese

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Yesterday, Tuesday 7 March, ‘marked the day within the diocese of Bath and Wells when we held our first training day for those interested in becoming an Anna Chaplain’, reports Wells Cathedral’s Anna Chaplain, Wendy Haslam.

‘Some 16 people attended. There were wonderful discussions alongside the training. Those who attended came with much knowledge and a desire to learn more about Anna Chaplaincy.

A very encouraging start and we move forward with hope and thankfulness.’


Debbie Thrower writes: ‘It’s getting on for 18 months since I first visited Bath and Wells and met Mike Haslam, chaplaincy development adviser there, plus Wendy, and all those interested in seeing Anna Chaplaincy take root in the diocese.

‘At that time Wendy Haslam was still awaiting her appointment. So, it’s marvellous to look back and see how much has been achieved in that time. I recall that the visit to Wells was the first in-person training event I had led since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and, of course, we took many precautions to ensure we remained socially distanced throughout (read the blog about it here).

‘Now Wendy is commissioned she has also been helping with training in the Channel Islands, as my recent blog described.

‘We wish her and the team well as they pursue the vision to see Anna Chaplaincy for older people much more widely available – and working well across different denominations – in that part of the west country.’




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