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‘Stars’ inspire others to join in…

Happy New Year to one and all! Anna Chaplaincy network member near Swansea, South Wales, Pam Cram, writes to tell us what she’s been doing over the holiday:

‘Inspired by the post about knitted stars, I knitted enough stars for each of our small congregation to have one at a carol service I arranged on the theme of stars.

They were a smaller version of the original, starting with 81 stitches and using three colours (quicker to knit as it was just me doing it).

Our seven-year-old granddaughter distributed the stars after reciting a couple of verses about stars – about wishing on stars – and then a blessing she’d adapted.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time, or enough helpers, to knit stars for distribution at care homes, but our community project again (as last year) saw us taking cards for all the residents at local care homes and a flower arrangement for the staff in each place.

Last year we covered three homes. This year, with the social activities organiser of one having moved on to a new home, we adopted hers as well – so four homes with a total of 170 residents.’

A ‘star’ themed carol service near Swansea, South Wales



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