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Time to Talk Befriending: New devotionals from south coast charity

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The charity, Time to Talk Befriending, is dedicated to ‘overcoming loneliness together’. Three Anna Chaplains are embedded within the organisation – Emily, Julie and Charlotte. They attend to the spiritual needs of clients with the help of other volunteer befrienders, like Ian, who has written a devotional for this month’s TTTB newsletter. Scroll down to pages ten and eleven to read it in full.

Charity founder (and Anna Chaplain), Emily Kenward explains: ‘It is an example of our monthly devotionals that we send out to those benefiting from Anna Chaplaincy at Time to Talk Befriending.’

‘Our one-to-one work continues mostly over the phone’ she adds, ‘but our church services are resuming in April which we are excited about. Our “preparing for end-of-life training” continues to grow and we will have additional resources available to share in due course.’




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