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A memorable visit in so many ways

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

'The soul is bigger than just cognition' Revd James Ellor

Birmingham Anna Chaplain Debbie Gurling

This was something that Anna Chaplain Debbie Gurling was able to rediscover on a visit to a gentleman in hospital recently, writes Debbie Ducille (Anna Chaplaincy church lead).

The man in question had spent many years as a missionary with his wife in the Middle East, and you couldn't have a conversation with him without mentioning Jesus.

In the weeks before his death, Debbie Gurling was able to visit him in hospital, but communication was limited, and his speech became incoherent. However, on receiving his lunch on one occasion, he closed his eyes, and despite knowing he was gravely ill, his first words were 'Thank you Lord for your faithfulness'.

'His communication in continuing to thank and praise God further was… word perfect', Debbie G said.

She went on: 'Witnessing moments like these makes chaplaincy an honour – despite frailty of body and mind, the thread of spiritual connection remained as strong and intact as ever. Psalm 103:2 says "Praise the Lord, my soul and forget not his benefits". In those visits, this man showed that he could still do this, despite his cognition being eroded. He went to be with his Lord this week, one of the most truly "healthy" people you could wish to meet. We are poorer as a church community without him in our midst.'




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