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  • Debbie Ducille

A wealth of valuable resources and a webinar invitation

Faith in Older People, an Edinburgh-based charity, have worked closely with Anna Chaplaincy over recent years, and have an excellent array of reports, research projects and practical resources available to explore on their website. Two items caught the eye of Debbie Ducille this week. One is the downloadable resource, One Step at a Time, a resource for faith communities to support people experiencing dementia. Why not take a look and see if there is helpful information and ideas for you as a local church?

The other is a webinar that Faith in Older People are offering on Wednesday 15 May: entitled ‘What’s the difference between multigenerational and intergenerational work?’ The organisation Generations Working Together will be hosted by Faith in Older People to help participants discuss this important topic, focusing upon faith communities. Debbie will be attending and has recently purchased a book recommended about this subject. She looks forward to seeing some familiar faces there, and to writing a book review in due course. Watch this space!



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