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Exploring prayer, memory and our relationship with God

Our Anna Chaplaincy church lead Debbie Ducille recently contributed to the BRF Festival of Prayer whose theme this year was prayer and memory.

You can read about the connection between prayer, memory and our relationship with God in this article: Prayer and memory: a multisensory experience.

Debbie’s festival workshop was a mixture of talk and experiment. She outlined the ideas that underpin her approach to prayer and memory in her work with Anna Chaplaincy. Then she invited participants to experiment with an array of objects and materials to experience what she was describing for themselves.

‘It’s interesting how evocative it is to talk about these early memories and to notice how they’re often linked to a particular place or person, an image or some kind of ritual, or a sensate memory: the feel of a particular fabric, a scent, the taste of a certain food, a song or piece of music.’
Debbie Ducille at the Festival of Prayer held at Ripon College Cuddesdon this summer



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