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Hooray for a hundred Anna Chaplains!

The Anna Chaplaincy network is now 100 strong. The number of Anna Chaplains and others in equivalent roles supporting men and women in older age across the country has passed the one hundred mark this week.

Christine Wraight was commissioned as Anna Chaplain in New Milton, Hampshire, at a service at her Baptist Church on Sunday.

Christine Wraight being commissioned at her Baptist Church to serve the community in the Hampshire coastal town of New Milton

A cohort was also commissioned in Rugby who work alongide existing network member Lindsay Pelloquin, as part of Gift of Years Rugby, which operates in a number of care homes in the Midlands' town. Lindsay's team were featured in a recent copy of the Catholic The Sower magazine.

Lindsay Pelloquin (second from the right) and her team working in care homes in Rugby

Strong, little or no faith

Congratulations to all who have recently been commissioned and have helped us to reach this landmark point in the growth of Anna Chaplaincy nationally. Anna Chaplaincy is ecumenical, community-based, spiritual care for older people – irrespective of whether they have strong, little or no faith.

Since 2014, Anna Chaplaincy has been part of The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF). It has grown, in those years, from one Anna Chaplain to the 100 today who are in the network. Next year is the tenth anniversary of Anna Chaplaincy, which began back in 2010 in the market town of Alton in Hampshire.

Anna Chaplains, and others who may bear different titles such as Older Persons' Pastor or Director of Older People's Ministry but who operate in the same community-based way, are now working in many different regions of the UK. Each is set within a prayerful Christian church community on whose behalf they are sent out... See the About pages of our website for more information on how you could join in this growing movement.



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