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Isle of Wight Anna Chaplain gathers supporters to explore ‘vision’

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

West Wight Anna Chaplain, Anne Powell (eighth from the left) and some of the supporters interested in expanding Anna Chaplaincy

Anna Chaplain for West Wight (the first such chaplain in the Isle of Wight), Anne Powell, has sent this report to us on a significant Anna Chaplaincy event at Carisbrooke Priory, Isle of Wight this week (23 November 2021):

Twenty people from various parishes and denominations signed up for the event having heard about it through a variety of means: Wight Churches newsletter, local radio and newspaper, or word of mouth. Anne being not only the first Anna Chaplain on the Island but in the Diocese of Portsmouth has attracted a lot of publicity!

After welcoming everyone, attendees were asked what they were hoping to gain from the event. This was noted and formed the basis of the presentation which took the form of an interview.

The event was hosted by Revd Rosie Deedes with a presentation by Anne, about Anna Chaplaincy, what brought Anne to the role, continuing with recruitment, training, commitment, support and supervision, volunteer or paid, licence agreement, Anna Friends, the Anna Chaplaincy Handbook and a look at various resources/books available from BRF.

This was followed by attendees asking questions. Anne gave out handouts/information sheets.

Revd Rosie Deedes and Anna Powell at Carisbrooke Priory

Rosie rounded up the event by asking attendees to write ‘post-it’ notes with their commitment following the afternoon.

These included:

  • ‘Visit the Anna Chaplaincy website’

  • ‘Pray for guidance’

  • ‘Spread the word within parish’

  • ‘Thinking about Anna Chaplaincy training’

  • ‘To discuss with team leader/vicar’

  • ‘Order Carers Guides

  • ‘Look into Acorn listening training’

  • ‘Inform, encourage and support those interested and capable of doing this, continuing to do what they already do through visiting the elderly’

  • ‘Talk to PCC about the way forward’

  • ‘Looking into providing Messy Vintage’

  • ‘Discuss time commitment with her husband!’

Following this we asked for their vision for the Island:

  • ‘An Anna Chaplain in each cluster of parishes’

  • ‘An Anna Friend in each care home’

  • ‘Spread the word’

  • ‘Everyone should know about Anna Chaplaincy as they do about AgeUK’

  • ‘Get known by the medical centres, through Social Prescribers’

  • ‘Eventually have a full-time coordinator for the Island’

  • ‘To have an Anna Chaplaincy Day with a service that becomes as well known as the annual Walk the Wight’

Anne, who is based at West Wight Mission Community, closed the afternoon with everyone saying the Anna Chaplaincy prayer:

Faithful God,

You have promised in Christ to be with us to the end of time.

Come close to those who have lived long and experienced much.

Help them to continue to be faithful

and, within the all-age kingdom of God,

to find ways to go on giving and receiving your grace, day by day.

For your glory and your kingdom


All in all, as she put it, ‘A VERY POSITIVE AFTERNOON!’

There are plans for a follow-up meeting in the New Year, again at Carisbrooke Priory, on Thursday 3 February 2022.




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