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Joan’s journey from children’s ministry to Anna Chaplaincy

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Revd Marc Wolverson, the area dean for Leyland, Joan Doerich, Stephanie Briggs, and Joan’s vicar, Revd Sam Crossley.

Warm congratulations to Joan Doerich who was commissioned at St Andrew’s Church, Longton, near Preston, Lancashire, on 19 February.

‘My name is Joan Doerich. I was brought up in a three-generation household. In September 2019, I began my training as a licensed lay minister (LLM or reader).

‘During Covid, I became aware of how isolated our elderly population must be feeling. It was when I started my pastoral “walkabouts” that I discovered that home Communion had become a part of the past.

‘Eager to minister to older people, I was pleased that the diocese of Blackburn had offered a course to LLMs and ALMs, on later life ministry. It was on this course that Dr Katherine Froggatt (formerly the Anna Chaplaincy Llead in Cumbria), introduced us to Anna Chaplaincy.’

‘This course changed the journey of my ministry, which had been with the tiny tots. This ministry to the elderly is so worth while and brings joy, hope, and faith for the future.’

‘On Sunday 19 February, I was commissioned as an Anna Chaplain, during our all-age Sunday service. Our area dean of Leyland, Revd Marc Wolverson, led the commissioning service.’



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