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Numbers reading our blogs reach record levels!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Last month saw an all-time record for the number of people viewing the Anna Chaplaincy blog. Our blogs were seen no fewer than 3,300 times in February! That compares with an average monthly readership of around 2,000, normally.

We hit another record for the Anna Chaplaincy website as a whole. User traffic is up right across the different pages, showing an average of six are being viewed by website users. There’s also high engagement, with the average time spent on those pages more than two and a half minutes.

Stuart Holley, BRF’s web and digital manager, said, ‘It’s a new record for the website in general… with high engagement time on the pages (2 minutes 40 seconds) which means people are fully engaged.’ He added:

‘Well done and I hope this motivates everyone to keep doing what they are doing.’

Debbie Thrower, pioneer and founder of Anna Chaplaincy, adds:

‘I’m sure the number of stories being sent in by our Anna Chaplains and other network members, recently, have helped contribute to this phenomenon. It just shows that sending in your news results in many more people than ever getting to read what is being done in the name of Anna Chaplaincy. It all helps spread the word nationally of what a brilliant ministry this is among people in their later years.’


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