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Spreading news of Anna Chaplaincy in Scotland and beyond...

Just some of the participants in a recent webinar about Anna Chaplaincy

More than thirty people from all over Scotland and other parts of the UK joined us for a joint Faith in Older People (FiOP) and Anna Chaplaincy webinar on Tuesday.

We look forward to the commissioning of Scotland's first Anna Chaplain - in Upper Clydesdale, South Lanarkshire - later this year. There are already network members in Nairn, near Inverness, and in Orkney.

Director of FiOP, Maureen O'Neill, is currently on the Anna Chaplaincy Online Training Course and she said the resources for it were 'tremendous'.

Maureen O'Neill, director of Faith in Older People

Maureen said, 'I've learnt a great deal, even though this is my day job. It challenges us about our assumptions and it gives you an opportunity to reflect. However much you think you already know, there is so much more to learn. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. This is only week three, though, and I'll give a full review at the end of it!'

Pioneer of Anna Chaplaincy, Debbie Thrower, was joined by fellow BRF team members Julia Burton-Jones (Church Lead) and Alex Burn (Coordinator). As well as giving a PowerPoint talk about how Anna Chaplaincy has developed and what it offers to resource people in ministry among older people, there was ample time for questions and answers.

Faith in Older People has featured news of Anna Chaplaincy in its latest newsletter and will continue to keep people informed in forthcoming editions.




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