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Surrey churches build their seniors’ ministry team

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Anna Chaplain Jane Tomes

Warm congratulations to Janes Tomes who has become an Anna Chaplain in Busbridge and Hambledon.

Penny Naylor, seniors’ ministry lead at Busbridge and Hambledon

The churches there have a thriving seniors’ ministry led by Penny Naylor who has been part of our network since 2018 and is delighted to have Jane as her new Anna Chaplaincy colleague.

Jane writes: ‘I was commissioned as an Anna Chaplain in December at my church in Busbridge, Godalming, Surrey. My commissioning service took place within our morning family carol service so there was quite a big congregation!

Mark Williams and Jane Tomes

‘Mark Williams was leading the service and was photographed handing me my head licence agreement. I was invited to say a few words about what an Anna Chaplain is and what I was hoping to do in the parish. It was a great opportunity to introduce Anna Chaplaincy, and I got asked more questions after the service!

‘I have belonged to this church for some 35 years and have been involved in some role most of that time. I was a pastoral assistant for many years and for the last eight years have been part of the older people’s team as a helper and on the activities committee.

‘I have always been drawn to older people and indeed, in my day job as a physiotherapist, I tend to work mainly with older people.

‘One of the church meetings organised was for Debbie Thrower to come along and talk about Anna Chaplaincy. It was there a “seed was sown,” I think, and I was keen to learn more about it.

‘The leader of our older person’s ministry, Penny, has been a huge help and encourager in my moving forward with the Anna Chaplaincy and I have felt very supported along the way. I enjoyed the training and particularly meeting others with a wealth of experience and information too.

‘I am excited to embark on this new year with a new mission! I have been so welcomed by the coordinators and due to the time and effort they have already given to me, am confident I can get going! I look forward, also, to networking and meeting other Anna Chaplains.’


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