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'To those they serve, Anna Chaplains are quite simply essential’

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Read new prayers celebrating elders and those whose ministry focuses on them...

Plus, take note of BRF's latest article about the Impact Report detailing two distinct surveys of Anna Chaplaincy recently. Click here to read the article.

We are proud to see the cumulative effect of Anna Chaplaincy on the ground as the national movement gathers momentum: ‘Anna Chaplaincy ministry amounts over 100,000 hours, or 624 weeks, a year.’

Celebrating our elders and ministry among older people

BRF's Martyn Payne, meanwhile, has composed some beautiful prayers celebrating older people and those, such as Anna Chaplains, who minister among them:

Lord of our lives,

from the cradle to the grave,

we celebrate this day

those who have the gift of years;

who dream dreams for the sake of our children;

who keep the story on behalf of your church;

and who hold wisdom to pass on to our young.

We rise up before them and call them blessed,

honouring them as our grandparents in the Faith,

within the all-age kingdom of heaven. Amen

Lord of eternity,

keep safe those who are full of years,

who live in the shadow of death,

and who are taken where they do not wish to go.

Assure them of

your unfailing presence,

your timeless love,

and the fullness of your salvation

which is nearer now than when they first believed. Amen.

Lord God,

as Anna found new confidence and joy

in speaking of the promise of salvation in Christ Jesus,

may all who have lived long

find similar renewal of faith and revival of hope,

at the twilight of their lives, on the threshold of heaven.


Lord Jesus,

thank you for all those who bring support to

the vulnerable, the frail and the aged in our communities.

Inspire us as your people

to set an example of care for our elders,

that celebrates the bonds between young and old,

and the blessings when generations honour each other;

united by your cross, where you said,

‘Child, here is your mother’; and ‘Mother, here is your child’.




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