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  • Debbie Ducille

Visit to Bicester

Anna Chaplaincy ministry lead Debbie Ducille had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with a group of church leaders in Bicester last week, at the invitation of Bicester Greenhouse Project and Revd Ian Biscoe, who hosted the meeting at Emmanuel Church. Debbie was joined by local Anna Chaplains Julia Bee and Ann Midwinter who generously shared their passion, time and experience with those present.

‘It was a really encouraging afternoon,’ said Debbie afterwards. ‘Everyone attending shared a common interest and personal experience around this ministry focus, as many present are already involved in the Greenhouse Project’s “Potting Shed”, serving older people in their communities. Many thanks to Revd Ian, Ksenija and all who took the time to join us last week. We look forward to continuing the conversation and sharing resources.’

Pictured below: Anna Chaplains Julia Bee and Ann Midwinter; Julia with our brand-new Anna Chaplaincy banner; church leaders hard at work in group discussions. 



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