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Welcome to Carrie Britton in Lindfield, mid-Sussex

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Carrie Britton joins our network as seniors' pastor at All Saints Lindfield

Carrie Britton is the latest member of the Anna Chaplaincy network. She is seniors' pastor at All Saints Lindfield, coordinating the ministry of evangelism, discipleship and pastoral care among over-65s within the church and the wider community.

Carrie joined the staff team at All Saints Lindfield in 2018; attending the 'Ministry among older people' course at Cliff College with Debbie Thrower and Julia Burton-Jones in 2019. Carrie has taken increased oversight and responsibility for a whole range of ministries among the over-65s.

The focus of Carrie's work has been Tiger@Ten, a fortnightly gathering for seniors which seeks to strengthen relationships and faith in this demographic. This group has seen significant growth and development in both the team and membership throughout Carrie's leadership. During lockdown, she worked creatively to keep seniors connected and this work continues to bear fruit.

'One area of recent development has been the restructuring of our bereavement support and the regular courses on offer', she says. Her line manager adds that over the last six years Carrie has brought a dedication and professionalism to this role, which under God's grace has borne much fruit.



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